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Bill Heywood - Tenancy Manager

Bill Heywood  - Tenancy Manager image #1

My name is Bill Heywood and I have worked at Bushbury Hill EMB since 2004. As Tenancy Manager I manage both the Tenancy Team and the Community Team. The Tenancy Team provides a wide range of services including: tenancy management, housing applications, rent arrears management and allocations and lettings. The Community Team focuses on community wellbeing and tenant participation.

As part of the management team at Bushbury Hill I work with our Tenant Managers on bringing forward new services as well as improving exisiting services.

I have previously worked in York for four years managing housing for the council there. I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

I really enjoy working for a tenant led organisation because the whole ethos of the organisation places tenants at the heart of what we do.

Tenancy Manager
01902 551628
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