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Choose Your Home

Choose Your Home

How does Bushbury Hill let the homes it manages?

The Tenant Board at Bushbury Hill believe that everyone should have a choice about where they live. They know that people will be happier in a home that they have selected and that suits their needs than in a property they have just been allocated to.

That is why Bushbury Hill EMB advertises the homes which are available for letting and customers can choose the property they are interested in. To do this we use a scheme called Choose Your Home.

What is Choose Your Home?

Choose Your Home is a website that allows you to see homes that are available to let and to make an application for homes that you are interested in. In order to see available homes and to join with the scheme go to

Can I only apply for homes in Bushbury Hill?

Because Bushbury Hill EMB is in partnership with the Wrekin Housing Trust, you can also apply for homes managed by them and the other partner housing organisations.

Choose Your Home