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Ian Thornton - Asset Manager

Ian Thornton  - Asset Manager image #1

I have been working with BHEMB on and off since April 2003 providing my services as a Quantity Surveyor on a consultancy basis. Over the years my role has developed taking in to account my many years experience in the building trade and local government. More recently I have been heavily involved with developing our partnering agreement with South Staffs Property Care for the provision of our repairs service and during this time I am now very proud to have become a part time member of staff here at BHEMB.

While I have many years experience in local government, I have not previously experienced working with a tenant board but have found this environment to be very rewarding. I welcome their insight in to the working of the community as a whole and I also recognise the hard work our Board Members contribute on a voluntary basis.

I look forward to the opportunity of being able to share the aspirations of the Board and working towards their ‘Striving for Excellence’ goal in providing our services to the community.

Asset Manager
01902 550081
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