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Karen Williams - Chief Officer

Karen Williams  - Chief Officer image #1

Karen heads the staff team at Bushbury and finds her job both challenging and extremely rewarding.

Karen works with the Board to develop the EMB’s strategic vision and values and also provides leadership and management to EMB staff to ensure delivery of a high quality housing service.

Karen promotes Bushbury Hill and the TMO movement through her work locally and her involvement with both local and national organisations eg. The National Federation of Tenant Management Organisations and is determined to help as many tenants as possible to achieve their goals through tenant empowerment and is keen to encourage participation from all of our community.

Karen says “I feel privileged to work for an organisation where both staff and The Board continually strive to make sure our residents get the best possible service and are constantly looking for new initiatives to benefit our community! I operate an ‘open door’ policy and want every tenant on our estate to know they can always speak to me directly if they need any housing help or advice”

Chief Officer
01902 552994
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