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Local Lettings Variation

BHEMB manages homes on behalf Wolverhampton City Council (WCC) who are the landlord.

BHEMB is authorised by WCC to operate an allocations policy variation. This means that the way in which we allocate is different from the other managing agents of the Council.  This includes the use of Choose Your Home.

Our Local Lettings Variation document outlines the variations from the Council’s main allocations policy and must be read in conjunction with that policy.

The Wrekin Housing Trust properties on the site of the former Bushbury Arms pub are covered by a Local Lettings Plan (LLP) which gives preference to local residents for 50% of allocations to homes on the development.  Priority for these properties goes first to current council tenants in homes managed by Bushbury Hill EMB and then to residents living in Bushbury Hill who also have a local connection as defined by the council's allocations policy.  All properties let under the LLP will be allocated via  For full details see the LLP policy document.