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Jenny Kaurrai - Business Services Manager

Jenny Kaurrai - Business Services Manager image #1

My name is Jenny Kaurrai I’m the Business Services Manager for Bushbury Hill EMB. I joined Bushbury Hill in early 2004. Over the years I've been involved in different roles within the organisation, and have enjoyed every bit of it.

My main job involes maintaining all of the company's Financial and Accounting records. This role is crucial to the running of a successful Organisation in terms of Financial planning,budgeting and forecasting.

I manage the Business Services Team. As a central team, we provide a lot of behind the scenes support, to include finance, HR, admin and cashiering functions.

I'm responsible to the Chief Officer, and work closely with her and the other managers to develop operational plans and strategies.

I enjoy and value what I do for Bushbury Hill Tenants and the community at large, with one main goal of providing a better service.

Business Services Manager
01902 551630
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