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Natasha Sykes - Business Support Officer

Natasha Sykes  - Business Support Officer image #1

My name is Tasha and I have worked at Bushbury Hill EMB since May 2008. Like Natalie this is my first job since leaving University and it was a bit of a shock to the system initially – no more student lifestyle for me!

In my role as Business Support Officer I get involved in many different aspects of the business from performance monitoring to finance and administration. My duties include maintaining our website and co-ordinating our communications and publicity, recording KPI's, monitoring performance, looking after recharge accounts and working closely with Bushbury’s Business Services Manager, Jenny.

I really enjoy working at Bushbury, the staff and Board team are dedicated to making the Estate a better place to live and, with our Board Members living right here on the estate, we can target issues which are directly affecting our tenants. I hope to have many more years here!

Business Support Officer
01902 551629
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