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What we do

Bushbury Hill EMB provides a comprehensive housing management service to council tenants on the Bushbury Hill estate. The Tenant Managers believe that a locally based service is vital so we do all our work from the Management Centre in the heart of Bushbury Hill.

Who does what?

Our Property Team look after the repair and maintenance of our homes for more information or to report a repair go to Repairs.

The Tenancy Team manage the tenancies and provide the reception service at the Management Centre. This covers a lot of different areas of work which include:

advertising and letting empty homes

To contact your housing officer or housing assistant go to Contact Us

Want to move?

If you want a new home in Bushbury Hill go to How to Apply.

Bushbury Hill EMB also manages applications to Wolverhampton Council’s waiting list.

Council and Housing Association tenants can apply to do an exchange with another tenant. We hold a list of people interested in moving to and from Bushbury Hill at the Management Centre. If you have found someone you want to swap with you can download a form at Exchanging tenancies