Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Happy Mental Health Awareness week!

It’s a week for us to recognise and reflect on mental health and how we can care for it. We all know about physical health, and through our lives our physical health will change, we will have periods of illness and there will be times when we are well and feel physically fit. In the same way, we all have mental health, and this too can fluctuate through our lives. Sometimes we feel happy, secure, energetic and able to enjoy life. We may also go through periods of sadness, worry or upset, and this is normal. The brain is an amazing organ, and it needs to be cared for just like the rest of our bodies do! If you are struggling with your mental health there is loads of help out there for you, your GP is a good place to start but you can also find lots of info online about how to care for your own wellbeing and what to do when you aren’t quite feeling yourself.

Visit the websites below for more information.

Mental Health UK - Forward Together (

Mental health - NHS (

Home - Mind

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