Capital Work Programmes

Fencing Programme:

Phase 1 and 2 of our fencing programme are now complete and phase 3 is underway.

Current Works

Your property is on Phase 3 if it is listed HERE and will be completed in due course. There are many properties that need fencing improvements and we will regularly review the programme and post update when they become available.

Click here to view some images of the Fencing Programme!

All of our contractors carry ID cards, so please ask to see their ID before you allow anyone into your home.

Fencing FAQs;

When will my fencing be improved?

This will depend on where you house is in the programme. All properties which are due to have fencing replaced in Phase 1, Phase 2 or Phase 3 can be seen by clicking here.

What does the fencing look like?

It is high quality, normally 2 meters high, close board panels with concrete posts and gravel boards, it’s designed to last between 15 and 20 years.

Will I have to pay for fencing?

Yes. Anyone living in a house or flat with its own garden, who receives improved fencing will have a weekly service charge of £1.92 per week

Why do you have to charge for fencing?

There isn’t enough money available. The average cost of the preparation, reclaiming any land and then putting up the fencing is £1,700 per property which means that, if you didn’t make a contribution, it would take almost 50 years for everyone on the estate to get new fencing.

Will I have to pay the charge immediately?

No. You will only have to pay when the fencing has been improved at your home.

What if I have paid for my own fencing, will I still have to pay the charge?

No. You will only pay the charge where we provide new fencing or gates and the cost is more than £500.

What if I receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit?

The fencing charge is a condition of your tenancy agreement so it will be covered by Housing Benefit/Universal Credit.

What if I live in a flat or maisonette where there is communal fencing, will all the tenants pay the charge?

Communal fencing is not part of this programme.

Will I have a choice and be able to opt out?

Only in exceptional circumstances. The fencing will be improved unless it has already been replaced or is in a good condition and likely to last a further 5 years. (The provision for a fencing service charge is included within the tenancy agreement.)

What happens if my fencing needs repair?

We will carry out repairs if there is a safety risk and the repair isn’t a result of damage or neglect.

What if my home is not listed in the current programme?

Your house will be in a later phase. There are many properties that need fencing improvements and the programme will be regularly reviewed.

If my fencing is in the next phase, can you tell me which year it will be improved?

Not yet. We can only tell you the year if your home is in the current programme.

My home is included in the programme what happens now?

Tenants will be notified by letter ahead of time as the programme is to come in to their street and once the contractors are on the street they should give a few days’ notice ahead of them starting, although tenants will see the contractors effectively working their way down the street towards them!

Do I have to do anything in the meantime?

When we are due to start the work, you will need to make sure your garden is accessible and that the boundary is clear to allow the fence to be erected. If not you may be charged.

What happens, if over the years, my garden has been reduced in size and a waste land/back land site has been created?

Each will be treated on its own merit but generally the fencing will be erected along the boundary line shown on the deeds to your property. You will then be responsible for looking after the reclaimed garden.

For information on looking after any work under-taken through the Capital Programmed Work, please visit Looking after your...

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