Rent arrears and other debts

Thank you to everyone who pays their rent on time and in full. Without this we would have no money to pay for the services that we provide.

Need support? - We can help

We understand that from time to time things can happen which make it hard to pay the rent. When something occurs which causes you difficulty in paying,  contact us immediately. Contact our Income Management team who can offer advice and support. Your rent officers are Shirley or Lisa.

What to do about my debts?

Do not panic or ignore it and do not be embarrassed to talk about it. Many people are in debt, and if you do not pay back what you owe, It can become a problem. BUT there is help out there!!

If you cannot pay all your debts, don’t just pay the people that shouts the loudest.  The most important debts are called priority debts. Priority debts are ones where serious action can be taken against you if the debt is not paid, such as losing your home, being disconnected for energy supplies or going to prison.

Your other debts are non-priority, but we know that they must be paid, but pay the priority ones first and negotiate with the other debts. PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT apply for loans to pay off debts that you owe.

We are here at the Bushbury Hill EMB to support you and to help avoid you being entered to court or lose your home.  Please call 01902 552995 and speak to Shirley or Lisa we are happy and willing to help set up a payment plan with you to help clear your debt.

Tenancy Sustainment Fund

We have a fund specially to help tenants struggling with large rent debts. For tenants who commit to reducing their rent arrears and stick to it for an agreed number of months, the Tenancy Sustainment Fund is available to clear part of your debt. If you are struggling, please contact Shirley or Lisa and ask them if you are eligible for this support.

Here are some helpful links that you may also find of interest to help you: 

For help with clearing water bill debts Severn Trent Trust Fund.

For Citizens Advice Bureau.

A National telephone helpline for people with debt problems in England, Wales and Scotland.

Promoting self-help in personal money matters.

For the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. A free confidential service for families and individuals with debt problems.


For the British Gas Energy Trust Fund.

Free and unbiased advice on managing your money.

Our vision is at the heart of the service we provide to our tenants, we work to a clear set of values.

Aiming to deliver high quality customer service & provide high standard homes for our tenants.

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