Why should you report a tree?

Inspections for emergency cases will be carried out within 24 hours. Routine enquiries will be carried out within 28 days, with Continental Landscapes responsible for carrying out any tree work meeting the criteria. Wolverhampton Homes will only maintain a tree if one or more of the below conditions apply.

You should only report a tree if:

  • It is dangerous, dead, diseased or causing disrepair to your home.
  • The base of the tree, its roots or the land surrounding it is visibly moving.
  • There is a large split on any part of the tree.
  • The are large holes at the base of the tree, possibly with crumbling wood.
  • Damage has been caused by weath conditions.
  • There is a risk to public safety.
  • The tree or roots are obstructing or causing a hazard on pathways.
  • Specialist treatment is required to control or eliminate growth, e.g. Japanese knot weed.
  • If branches are obscuring street lights or signage.
  • If the roots are causing damage to drainage systems or building infrastructure.
  • Interferimng with your television, satellite or telephone lines.

You can report a tree by contacting Homes Direct on 01902 556789.

It is your responsibily to resolve the issue if the tree is:

  • Large, overbearing or tall.
  • Blocking light into your rooms.
  • Dropping blossom, leaves, fruit or sap.
  • Nesting birds or squirrels.
  • Healthy, but no longer wanter.
  • Overhanging your garden.
Before carrying out any works, you should contact Wolverhampton City Council on 01902 551155 to check if your tree is protected under a Tree Preservation Order or is located within a Conservation area. (If your tree is protected, you will need consent to carry out any work).
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