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Shirley Lawrence - Income Management Officer

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My name is Shirley Lawrence and I started my employment here at Bushbury Hill Estate Management Board in July 1999.

I began my employment here as a Repairs Clerk alongside two Property Inspectors and a handyman offering a repair’s service to our homes on the Bushbury Hill Estate.
In 2001 I was offered a Housing Officer’s position dealing with rent management, anti-social behaviour and any other housing issues our tenant’s wanted help with. To improve my skills, I completed the NVQ II and NVQ III Housing Management Course and the Chartered Management Institute’s Certificate Level II in Team Leading which I enjoyed.

In 2004 another opportunity arose within the repairs department in covering the Property Inspector’s role until one was appointed. This has meant enrolling and passing a two year BTEC National Construction Course. Whilst doing this course I assisted the Quantity Surveyor in inspecting our homes and ordering repair work using the Schedule of Rates.

In my position as a Income Management Officer i help and advise our tenants on rent and income issues which I thoroughly enjoy. I really enjoy helping our tenants to meet their rent payments and supporting them to reduce arrears and sustain their tenancy. I have been working here for 16 years now, and it has been and continues to be an enjoyable experience working for the Bushbury Hill EMB, the staff are great the tenants are great and I feel great.

Income Management Officer
01902 552995
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